Food Matters: Episode 251

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Food Matters: Episode 251

Nov 22, 2012
Guests: Shirley Dobson, Danae Dobson, Candice Watters, Martha Krienke and Thomas Voss

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A discussion of singles’ eating habits, plus Shirley and Danae Dobson’s hospitality tips, and a question about having a gentle and quiet spirit. Featured musical artist: Keith and Kristyn Getty


Table For One

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Thomas Voss and Martha Krienke

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Singles often get criticized for our eating habits; we all have our patterns, be they sloppy, strict or somewhere in-between. The truth is, we could probably all benefit from a few tips for eating healthier, more cheaply and more efficiently. Listen in as Martha, Thomas and I share our weaknesses (guess who doesn't eat enough veggies, or who can't pass up a pastry?) and strengths when it comes to cooking for one. Also, Focus on the Family has teamed up with, a subscription based online meal planning service, to get you a 15 percent discount on your subscription. Use promo code FOCUS.

Hospitality How To

Guests: Shirley Dobson and Danae Dobson

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Does entertaining intimidate you? It can, especially if you have visions of going to Grandma's and watching her set a table with fine china, then serve a perfectly-prepared roast, fresh rolls, hand-mashed potatoes and three pies made from scratch. Where's the hope for us normal people? Shirley Dobson and her daughter, Danae, authors of Welcome to Our Table, deconstruct traditions, recipes and party planning to make hospitality attainable even for us skeptics.

Be Quiet!

Guests: Candice Watters

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So the Bible tells us ladies to have a gentle and quiet spirit, but what does that actually look like? Does it mean we stay silent, bow our heads and think of nothing but rainbows and kittens? If so, I'm in trouble. Fortunately Candice is here to help us take apart this verse to practically apply it to our lives — no kittens required.