Hot Guys: Episode 237

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Hot Guys: Episode 237

Aug 16, 2012
Guests: Anna Coppage, Martha Krienke, Suzanne Gosselin, Nathan Pyle and Michael John Cusick

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What makes a guy "hot," plus discovering the root cause of sex addiction, and a question about our culture's portrayal of men. Featured musical artist: Capital Lights


That's Hot

Guests: Anna Coppage, Suzanne Gosselin and Martha Krienke

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We're sure that most of the men in our Boundless audience are good guys. But there are some male attitudes, actions and attributes that make a woman immediately take notice and think, That's hot. What are they? Our panel of ladies is here to give the unvarnished truth (and a few subjective opinions) on what makes a guy turn our heads. Guys, after you've listened to the segment, grab some of your buddies and discuss what you've heard (make sure they listen, too). Then download A Guy's Guide to Marrying Well and take the conversation even further.

Not Just a Sex Addict

Guests: Michael John Cusick and Nathan Pyle

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Michael John Cusick was a sex addict. But by his own admission, his real problem wasn't sex, it was a skewed understanding of God. Boundless blogging alum Nathan Pyle talks with Michael about his story as outlined in his book Surfing for God, and uncovers a solid thread of hope for men who fear they'll never see freedom from sex addiction.

Are Guys That Dumb?

Guests: John Thomas

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You've seen them on TV and in movies: the sloppy, bumbling, dim-witted guys who can't get anything right. They need the bright, resourceful, sassy (and coincidentally gorgeous) women in their lives to instruct, correct and systematically tear them down for their eventual (but improbable) betterment. One of our listeners (speaking for many of you, no doubt) is sick of this skewed caricature of today's man, and he's wondering what we as Christians should do about it. John Thomas shares some thoughts in response.