Identity Crisis: Episode 244

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Identity Crisis: Episode 244

Oct 04, 2012
Guests: Ashley Boyer, Andrew Hess, Adam Holz, Shaunti Feldhahn and John Thomas

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Dealing with feelings of shame around singleness, plus Shaunti Feldhahn on communication barriers between the sexes, and a question about looking for a godly wife. Featured musical artist: Remedy Drive


Shame On You

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Andrew Hess, Adam Holz and Ashley Boyer

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A listener question prompted this week's roundtable. She struggles with shame around her singleness, brought on not only by the lies she tells herself, but by the comments she receives from her friends and family. It got our panel to thinking about how a struggle with the "shame" of singleness has affected us. Join us for a heartfelt (and hard!) discussion about finding joy in a sometimes dark place.

Gender Wars

Guests: Shaunti Feldhahn

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We've received a lot of feedback on this week's article titled "Men-Who Needs Them?" The struggle to be appreciated and understood as a man or woman will likely continue until the return of Christ. But while we're still here, there's hope for doing life with each other better than what we've settled for. Shaunti Feldhahn is no stranger to the gender wars. As a former Wall Street power player, journalist and now researcher on the differences between men and women, Shaunti offers her perspective on men and women in the workplace, how she'd answer the "independent woman" debate, and what it means to cultivate a heart of understanding that goes beyond pink and blue.

Back to Basics

Guests: John Thomas

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"What do I look for in a godly wife?" If we've heard this question once, we've heard it a thousand times. But this guy's plea was so earnest that we let John Thomas take a stab at setting him on the right path. It's a good reminder with helpful particulars that can benefit us all.