Kickin' It With Kevin DeYoung: Episode 239

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Kickin' It With Kevin DeYoung: Episode 239

Aug 30, 2012
Guests: Kevin DeYoung and Martha Krienke

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The results of The Boundless Show's listener survey, plus Kevin DeYoung on holiness, and a question about desiring one's dating partner more than God. Featured musical artist: Israel & New Breed


Survey Says!


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Over 500 of you responded to our podcast survey. Better yet, Martha, our podcast producer, and I are already making some tweaks to the show based on your suggestions. What power you have! Listen in as Martha and I summarize the survey's findings and tell you where the show's going as a result.

Holy Rollers

Guests: Kevin DeYoung

[28:53] - 

When was the last time you sat around with a group of Christian friends and asked yourselves, "What can we do to become holier?" It's probably been a while, if ever. Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung thinks it's time we start talking about holiness, and it's the subject of his new book The Hole in Our Holiness. Because I have him in the studio, I also ask him about young adults, marriage, and how he's become the blogging responder-of-the-moment to many Christian controversies (remember Love Wins?).

Jesus First

Guests: Danny Huerta

[6:08] - 

Do they love each other too much? What if that love is causing them to put their relationship before Christ? And what are they to do about it? Counselor Danny Huerta starts at the root of what's going on in this relationship.