Meaningful Men: Episode 228

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Meaningful Men: Episode 228

Jun 14, 2012
Guests: Mike Halsmith, Glenn Lutjens, Byron Yawn, Patrick Dunn and Julie Hill

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What to do when your dad's dead or out of your life, plus the making of men, and a question about exhibiting manhood as a "nice guy." Featured musical artist: Vertical Church


Missing Dad

Guests: Mike Halsmith, Patrick Dunn and Julie Hill

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It's Father's Day weekend, and thus a great time to honor our dads. But what if your dad is no longer living? Or what if he's alive but out of the picture? This week's panel reflects on what it means to miss the presence of a father in our lives. We talk about how we cope, how we compensate, what regrets and frustrations we have, and our advice for those of you who still have Dad around.

Under Construction

Guests: Byron Yawn

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Being a man today is no easy task. You're belittled, dismissed and blamed for a whole host of problems, real and imagined. Good thing there are still folks out there who know the importance of men; Byron Yawn is one of them. In his book What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him, Yawn not only builds a case for why men are indispensable, but shows men (especially you younger dudes) what he recommends for getting your manhood on track according to the Bible. Get a preview in this week's interview.

Nice Try

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

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He wants to live out biblical manhood, but as a "nice guy" he's running up against some opposition. Is it possible to be a sensitive man and still be masculine, bold and true to God's design? How can milder men show that they are warriors in the things that matter? Counselor Glenn Lutjens is on hand with some insight.