Nice to Meet You: Episode 216

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Nice to Meet You: Episode 216

Mar 22, 2012
Guests: Shane and Shane, Candice Watters, Travis Williams, Monica Schleicher and Nathan Pyle

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Moving an online relationship into the real world, plus music artists Shane and Shane, and a question about opposite-sex friendships. Featured musical artist: Shane & Shane


Moving Your Relationship Offline

Guests: Travis Williams, Monica Schleicher and Nathan Pyle

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For online daters, one of the big questions is, "When do I take this relationship into the real world?" How do you determine if you've learned enough about the person to merit a face-to-face meeting? What if the other person is thousands of miles away? This week's panel includes three folks who made it to marriage from online relationships, so naturally (or at least we're assuming!) they eventually met their now-spouses in person. Get their perspectives on what it takes to move a relationship from screen to sidewalk.

Shane and Shane

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They both have the same first name. That's pretty weird. But decidedly un-weird is their place within the music world as a dynamic duo known for great guitar work, wonderful harmonies and worshipful lyrics. Shane and Shane tell us what's new in life as they balance music, marriage and fatherhood. Oh, and yeah--I went there. I asked Shane Barnard about marrying Bethany Dillon, who is 12 years his junior. Buh-bam.

Can We Be Friends?

Guests: Candice Watters

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Candice is back to add another facet to the age-old Can I Be Friends With This Guy question. And in short, it kinda depends. On a lot of things. Listen in as she shares some advice with a listener who wants the pros and pitfalls.