No Fear in Death: Episode 235

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No Fear in Death: Episode 235

Aug 02, 2012
Guests: Randy Alcorn, Christina Browning, Martha Krienke and Ron Wilson

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Understanding and embracing death as a Christian, plus Randy Alcorn on heaven, and a question about getting over a broken relationship. Featured musical artist: Adam Cappa


Dying Well

Guests: Martha Krienke and Ron Wilson

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Someday you will die. That's a fact. But will you die well? You will if you understand that your death is the gateway to the main event — an eternity either with or without Jesus Christ. A healthy understanding of death gives us a framework for living life in a way that honors God. Listen in as a few of us talk about anticipating the day when we see the Lord face to face, and how we can navigate today the road that will get us there.


Guests: Randy Alcorn

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What will heaven be like? Most of us haven't given it much thought beyond what we've seen in Bible storybooks and Sunday school flannelgraphs. But pastor and bestselling author Randy Alcorn has. He's studied heaven so much that he wrote almost 500 pages about it. He joins me in the studio to answer my most pressing questions about heaven and why thinking about it should inspire not boredom or dread, but joy.


Let Him Go

Guests: Christina Browning

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There are many kinds of death, and the death of a relationship can feel just as devastating as physical loss. Our listener went through a breakup, and is having a hard time getting over her ex. Is there a way to ease the pain? Is there a timeline for relationship grief? Counselor Christina Browning has a compassionate response.