No Mistakes: Episode 220

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No Mistakes: Episode 220

Apr 19, 2012
Guests: Grace Driscoll, Mark Driscoll, Ashley Boyer, Bob West, Jared Ehrke and Jeremy Woodard

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Loving those with special needs, plus getting inside the head of Mark Driscoll, and a question about coping with loneliness. Featured musical artist: Todd Agnew


You Are Special

Guests: Bob West, Ashley Boyer, Jared Ehrke and Jeremy Woodard

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Our panel is passionate about those with disabilities; each of them has a family member or friend who struggles with some kind of limitation. But as you'll soon hear, the blessing goes both ways. We debunk some of the myths about those with special needs, and share how we can better understand them, help them, and allow them to play a critical role in our families, friendships and communities.

Understanding Mark Driscoll

Guests: Mark Driscoll and Grace Driscoll

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In my meeting with Mark in January, I didn't let him go before asking him some of those burning questions we all have: like how he gets accountability, why he is hard on men, what he thinks of women in the church, and more. Here's Mark Driscoll, unplugged!

Lonely People

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Most of us realize that with singleness comes loneliness. But did we ever expect it to be this hard? Our listener asks for help in navigating her feelings on this issue, and I draw from my own experience and the wisdom of others (including Jesus!) to help her out.