Single Adoption: Episode 212

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Single Adoption: Episode 212

Feb 23, 2012
Guests: John Thomas, Tim Goeglein, Martha Krienke, Jennifer Scheck and Diane Zapone

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Single women adopting, plus part two of Tim Goeglein's story of life in the White House, and a question about career defining one's self-worth.


Adoption as a Single

Guests: Martha Krienke, Jennifer Scheck and Diane Zapone

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It seems that more Christian singles are adopting these days. Delayed marriage has something to do with it, but so does a conviction to "care for orphans" as outlined in Scripture. Two women join us for this week's roundtable: one has an adopted daughter and the other is still waiting for a child. Listen as they tell their stories and illustrate the ups and downs of single adoption.

Window on the Whitehouse

Guests: Tim Goeglein

[14:21] - 

Last week we heard how author and former White House staffer Tim Goeglein got into politics and found his way from Indiana to Washington, D.C. This week the story continues as Tim shares his personal account of public failure, God's grace and finding mercy in unlikely places. He also reveals the most important quality in a leader. Part two of two.

Jobless = Useless?

Guests: John Thomas

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He's worried about his career — primarily because he doesn't have one. He's had a job here or there, but isn't finding the success he had hoped for. Now it's affecting his self-worth and causing him to question his competence and confidence. John Thomas gives some wise advice (and a pep talk) to our job seeker.