Take Your 20s Seriously: Episode 236

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Take Your 20s Seriously: Episode 236

Aug 09, 2012
Guests: John Thomas, Jesse Florea, Mike Halsmith, Leon Wirth and Nathan Pyle

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Preparing young men to lead their families, plus Dr. Meg Jay on why the 20s is adulthood’s most important decade, and a question about maximizing your time and money as a single. Featured musical artist: KJ-52


Home Headship

Guests: Leon Wirth, Nathan Pyle, Mike Halsmith and Jesse Florea

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One day you're a single guy playing basketball and eating pizza with his buddies, then boom! — you get married and are suddenly responsible for someone besides yourself. Isn't there some kind of training offered for this? I haven't seen any new workshops or community college classes advertised recently, but this week's panel of guys is more than willing to share insider tips on making the transition from lone wolf to leader of the pack (well, home).

The Defining Decade

Guests: Meg Jay

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Your 20s are a time to explore, weigh your options, test the waters and have some fun, right? Not according to clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay, author of The Defining Decade. In her opinion, the 20s are an adult's most important decade, and a determiner of earning power, relationship success, strategic brain development and more. You may think you have all the time in the world, but Meg says that the small steps you take now will affect where you are in 30 years. If you're past your 20s, don't fear; Meg also offers some ways we can recoup opportunities lost. This interview opened my eyes.

Savvy Stewardship

Guests: John Thomas

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What's the best way for a single to steward his or her money and time if it doesn't involve the heavy responsibilites and cost that a family brings? Are there creative ways for young adults to make a difference now while preparing for the season ahead? John Thomas offers some fresh insight.