Users and Abusers: Episode 221

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Users and Abusers: Episode 221

Apr 26, 2012
Guests: Cynthia Dervaes, Wess Stafford, Traci Montieth and Daniel Grothe

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Abusive dating relationships, plus Wess Stafford on the power to make or break others, and a question on addressing an abusive past while dating. Featured musical artist: Dan Macaulay


Abusive Relationships and the Church

Guests: Daniel Grothe and Cynthia Dervaes

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Why are there so many unhealthy — even dangerous — dating and marriage relationships in the church? What is the church's responsibility in confronting dysfunction and abuse, and is it doing a good job? This week's panel offers perspective on the warning signs of abuse, how the church can and should respond, and what we can do to help friends (maybe even ourselves) reject unacceptable behavior and see God's vision for a relationship that honors Him in all things.

The Power of a Minute

Guests: Wess Stafford

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Long before Wess Stafford was president of Compassion International, he was a small boy growing up in a West African village. Several powerful encounters influenced him — for good and for bad — during that season of life. And he's never forgotten them. Join me and the author of Too Small to Ignore and Just a Minute as we discuss the power we have to influence others forever, even in small, seemingly insignificant moments.

Breaking Free

Guests: Cynthia Dervaes

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When abuse is part of your past, it can be hard to imagine a bright future, especially when it comes to a marriage relationship. Counselor Cynthia Dervaes joins me in the studio this week to help a listener discern how to best address past abuse in light of a current relationship.