White-Knuckling Valentine's Day: Episode 210

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White-Knuckling Valentine's Day: Episode 210

Feb 09, 2012
Guests: Michael O'Brien, John Thomas, Nathan Pyle, Travis Williams and Martha Krienke

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Valentine's Day expectations, plus an interview with CCM artist Michael O'Brien, and a question about keeping dating both fun and intentional. Featured musical artist: Michael O'Brien


Great Expectations

Guests: Travis Williams, Nathan Pyle and Martha Krienke

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Are you dreading Valentine's Day? Is it on your Super Lame Holidays list? Are you at a loss as to how to navigate the day whether you're single, dating, married or — heaven forbid — in a relationship that's "complicated"? Check out this week's roundtable where we discuss our expectations (and others') around V-Day and help each other breathe easy in anticipation of it.

Music and Marriage

Guests: Michael O'Brien

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Michael O'Brien was singing in front of thousands of people, sharing his testimony and giving altar calls, all while battling a losing battle with lust. He'd already tackled a drug addiction, but would he ever be free from the stronghold of sin? This former lead singer of NewSong and now solo artist almost lost his marriage before recognizing his need for a new start. Hear his story in this week's culture segment.

Can Dating Be Fun?

Guests: John Thomas

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How should a couple balance having fun while dating with being intentional about seeking marriage? John Thomas tells our listener how to keep her eyes on the prize while celebrating the exhilirating process of being in love.