You Belong With Me: Episode 215

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You Belong With Me: Episode 215

Mar 15, 2012
Guests: Andrew Hess, Russell Moore, Nathan Pyle, Travis Williams and Jacob Holman

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Men and the art of competitive dating, plus Dr. Russell Moore answers a guy's fears about not being married yet. Featured musical artist: Firelight


You Belong With Me

Guests: Andrew Hess, Jacob Holman, Nathan Pyle and Travis Williams

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We need to get into guys' heads for this one, so Andrew Hess takes the hosting reins this week with a panel of guys who bare their romantic souls in a discussion of wanting the (currently) unavailable (and perhaps unattainable) girl. What are their thoughts on pining for someone who's dating someone else? What do they think about moving in on someone else's territory? Are they ready to face the wrath of women who think they should get over it and go to greener pastures? Listen in as our men share the triumphs and trials of competitive dating.

His Clock Is Ticking

Guests: Russell Moore

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Russell Moore and I may never see eye to eye on country music, but that's OK. We eventually put our differences aside as I chatted with him at the RADICAL conference in Louisville. He then stuck around and addressed a guy's worries about finishing college with no marriage prospects in sight. It's kind of a culture-and-inbox combo this week. Enjoy!