All Dressed Up: Episode 303

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All Dressed Up: Episode 303

Nov 21, 2013
Guests: Joe Biggs, Audrey Castro, Austin Davco, Thomas Voss, Debra Fileta and Candice Watters

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Balancing fashion with frugality, plus Debra Fileta encourages dating with God in mind, and a question about turning on the “sex switch” for marriage.

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Clothes Call

Guests: Joe Biggs, Audrey Castro, Austin Davco and Thomas Voss

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It used to be so easy; you threw on some sweats and ran to class. But now you're all grown up, and looking professional and — well — grown up, takes a bit more effort. And money. And heaven help those who actually love clothes, shoes, accessories and fashion in general. This week's roundtable is in response to a guy who chafes at the idea of spending money on clothes when he could put his cash toward more selfless and eternal things. Does he have a point? Is there a style code (and obligation to adhere to it) for those in the working world? Is it wrong to dress for success? What about those who just want the latest label? Our panel weighs in.

Love Triangle

Guests: Debra Fileta

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Too bad there's no magic formula for finding your perfect match. (No, really, there isn't.) But there are principles. And a little bit of art, too. Most importantly, however, is a desire to become more like Jesus. When you do that, argues counselor Debra Fileta, you attract people who want the same. She outlines this and much more in her book True Love Dates, the subject of this week's interview.

Cold and Hot

Guests: Candice Watters

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One of the biggest questions single adults ask about sex is, "How am I supposed to flip the switch for sex on my wedding night after years of saying 'no'?" It's a good question with a more complex answer than you'd think. Fortunately, Candice Watters is here to answer it.