Almost Six Years: Episode 300

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Almost Six Years: Episode 300

Oct 31, 2013
Guests: Shalyse Ti, Amy Givler, Brian Maloy, Max Lucado and George Stahnke

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The Boundless Show celebrates 300 episodes, plus Pastor Max Lucado on suffering, and a question about telling white lies at work.

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Thanks for Listening!

Guests: Amy Givler, Brian Maloy and Shalyse Ti

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After almost six years of weekly podcasting, The Boundless Show has reached episode 300! Yeah, we can’t believe it, either. To celebrate, we called up a few long-time listeners for their stories of how and when they started listening, what keeps them coming back each week, and what has impacted them most.

You’ll Get Through This

Guests: Max Lucado

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You’ll get through this. We’ve all heard it before; maybe we’ve even said it to ourselves. But when life is hard and doesn’t show signs of improving, where do we turn for help? Pastor Max Lucado knows, and in a way only he can, brings a reminder that the Bible is a loud, never-ending shout of hope, deliverance and promise for those who trust God with their darkest days.

White Lies

Guests: George Stahnke

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He lied on his resume. He lied in his interview. What it got him was a high-paying job with lots of benefits. Surely telling a few lies to get ahead is OK, especially when you share the rewards with God. Not so fast. Counselor George Stahnke has another opinion.