An African-American Love Story: Episode 258

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An African-American Love Story: Episode 258

Jan 10, 2013
Guests: Dr. Kneeland Brown, Tearrah Brown, Gary Thomas and Candice Watters

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An African-American couple beats the odds, plus Gary Thomas with strategies for finding a mate, and a question about entering marriage with a "roommate" mentality. Featured musical artist: Jason Castro


Against All Odds

Guests: Dr. Kneeland Brown and Tearrah Brown

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Dr. Kneeland Brown, executive director of the Focus Leadership Institute, had one mandate from his father before leaving for college: to find a godly "chocolate sister" to marry. He rose to the challenge, but it wasn't easy. He had to buck stereotypes, define his vision for marriage, overcome socio-economic challenges and then win the heart of his now-wife, Tearrah, who had her own ideas about marriage and carried the baggage of growing up with an alcoholic father. They learned a lot in their journey, which they share quite candidly here.

The Sacred Search

Guests: Gary Thomas

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You know that he wrote Sacred Marriage. Now Gary Thomas is back with The Sacred Search, an application of biblical principles when it comes specifically to finding a spouse. What if it's not about who you marry, but why? This is the question Gary dismantles for us in this in-studio interview.

Becoming One

Guests: Candice Watters

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It's one thing to be a good roommate, and there's a lot you can learn relationally from that experience. But a marriage relationship is more. How can you transition into marriage with a goal to actually "become one" with your spouse and not just someone who shares the bathroom sink? Candice Watters contributes her thoughts.