Children of Divorce: Episode 280

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Children of Divorce: Episode 280

Jun 13, 2013
Guests: Austin Davco, Jessica Niles, Danielle Pitzer, John Bishop and Candice Watters

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How divorce affects the way you date and marry, plus John Bishop on God as the perfect Father, and a listener’s concerns about dressing to attract a guy.

Featured musical artist: Joshua Price


My Parents Divorced

Guests: Austin Davco, Jessica Niles and Danielle Pitzer

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Are you a child of divorce? If so, your parents’ divorce probably affected you more than you realize. Many of those outcomes aren’t recognized until you start dating and considering someone for marriage. Is it possible to overcome divorce baggage, break the cycle and chart a course for a successful future? Our panelists, each a child of divorce, say “yes.”

Does God Look Like Your Dad?

Guests: John Bishop

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How was (or is) your relationship with your dad? How’s your relationship with God? For many of us, the way we view our heavenly Father is heavily influenced by the kind of relationship we have with our earthly dad. But pastor John Bishop, author of God Distorted, says that God is so much more. Listen in as he describes the failings we’re accustomed to in contrast to a God who meets our every expectation.

Dress to Impress?

Guests: Candice Watters

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Her friends tell her she needs to pay more attention to her appearance if she hopes to get a date. She’s uncomfortable with making personal appearance such a high priority. Is there a balance somewhere in between? Candice answers.