Culture's Sex Story: Episode 283

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Culture's Sex Story: Episode 283

Jul 04, 2013
Guests: Alice Budfuloski, Lindy Keffer, Vicki Morgan, Joe Dallas and Joann Condie

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Listening to and loving gay family members, plus Joe Dallas on breaking the power of sexual sin, and a listener wants resources on women’s sexuality.

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My Family Member Is Gay

Guests: Alice Budfuloski, Lindy Keffer and Vicki Morgan

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Conversations about same-sex marriage have increased since the U.S. Supreme Court rulings in recent weeks, but for those with gay family members, discussing (and sometimes debating) God’s design for human sexuality is an ongoing challenge. Learn from our panel how they’ve wrestled with loving and listening to their gay family members in a culture that’s making the issue increasingly explosive.

Breaking Free From Porn

Guests: Joe Dallas

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If there’s a person who understands sexual brokenness, it’s Joe Dallas. Molested as a boy, Joe experimented sexually with women and men well into adulthood. He hoped that becoming a Christian would miraculously take away his desire to sin sexually, but it didn’t. Instead, Joe traveled a long and Scripture-soaked road to sexual healing. Today, Joe helps other men navigate similar journeys, and in this interview, gives encouragement to those enslaved in everything from porn to homosexuality, showing that Christ plus committed action can bring freedom. His newly-released booklet is 5 Steps to Breaking Free From Porn.

Resources on Women's Sexuality

Guests: Joann Condie

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There are a lot of women’s resources on relationships, but what about female sexuality? When it comes to a woman's gynecological and reproductive health, are there Christian guidelines? Counselor Joann Condie comes to the table with suggestions.

Correction: In this segment, Joann mentions Christopher West is a Catholic priest. This is incorrect. He is not a priest. We apologize for the error.