Dear God, It's Boundless: Episode 274

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Dear God, It's Boundless: Episode 274

May 02, 2013
Guests: Ron Wilson, Robert Thomason, Joann Condie, Scott Croft, Candice Watters, Josh Shook and Ryan Shook

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Boundless friends and influencers pray for us, plus Ryan and Josh Shook embrace their faith, and a listener needs help with her thought life.


We're Praying for You

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Ron Wilson, Robert Thomason, Joann Condie, Scott Croft and Candice Watters

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It’s always humbling to be prayed for, and today is your day, Boundless fans. In honor of the National Day of Prayer here in the United States, we asked five of Boundless’ biggest champions to pray for you – for your faith, your work, your influence, your worship, your friends and families, and your preparation for marriage. Be encouraged as you’re brought before the Lord in faith that He will accomplish great things in and through you this year!

Own Your Faith

Guests: Josh Shook and Ryan Shook

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Many of us have been blessed with a heritage of faith in our families. Ryan and Josh Shook are no exception; their dad is Kerry Shook, pastor of one of the fastest-growing churches in America. But Ryan and Josh had a wake-up call when they realized they hadn’t made their faith their own; in fact, they struggled with doubt. Their book Firsthand is the story of their journey into a faith that is real, personal, alive and effective – and one that’s truly theirs.

Ghosts of Emotions Past

Guests: Candice Watters

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She’s stumbled through past relationships, getting too emotionally involved and drawing insufficient boundaries. Now she’s reaping the consequences as she struggles to let go of the past and control her thought life in the present. Candice Watters suggests ways for our listener to break free from the ghosts of her past.