Doing What’s Difficult: Episode 299

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Doing What’s Difficult: Episode 299

Oct 24, 2013
Guests: Eddie Blalock, Nathan Pyle, Matt Chandler, Candice Watters and Thomas Jefferies

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Men who missionary date, plus Matt Chandler on mature Christianity, and a question about finding a qualified mother for your children.

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On a Mission

Guests: Eddie Blalock, Nathan Pyle and Thomas Jefferies

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A while back we heard the powerful testimonies of women who were dating non-Christians before God convicted them to break off the relationships for His glory and their good. This week it’s the guys’ turn. According to our panel, men have different motivations for getting in unequally-yoked relationships, but the ramifications are no less serious. Listen in and learn from their experience.

Pick Up Your Cross

Guests: Matt Chandler

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Pastor Matt Chandler is known for straightforward, Gospel-centered preaching, so it’s no surprise that his latest book To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain packs a powerful punch of biblical truth. But the real challenge comes in his willingness to confront the comfortable Christianity that plagues our generation. Using the book of Philippians as a guide, Matt paints a picture of a mature Christian and the discipline, humility — even suffering — that go into the making of a true follower of Christ.

The Mother Test

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:35] - 

Men who want a family want a wife who will be a godly mother. But how does one go about finding good candidates? Is there a test for pinpointing a woman who will train, disciple and love her children well? Candice shares some thoughts.