Father Knows Best: Episode 263

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Father Knows Best: Episode 263

Feb 14, 2013
Guests: Diane Ingolia, Roger Ingolia, Paul Friesen, Virginia Friesen, Dean Ridings and Candice Watters

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Parents speak into their kids' dating choices, plus Paul and Virginia Friesen embrace the role of mate screeners, and a question about dating an 18 year old. Featured musical artist: North Point Music


Parental Persuasion

Guests: Diane Ingolia, Roger Ingolia and Dean Ridings

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Invite Mom and Dad into my love life? No way! Well, think again. Our parents tend to know us well, and if they're willing (especially if they are wise), should be given the right to speak into our dating decisions. This week's panel of parents dish on how they did it, and what they (and their sons and daughters) learned.

Better Than a Shotgun

Guests: Paul Friesen and Virginia Friesen

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Paul Friesen doesn't need a shotgun. He needs only to say that he wrote the book So You Want to Marry My Daughter? to instill fear in the hearts of every guy that walks into his girls' lives. But it's a role he takes seriously, and he and his wife, Virginia, join me to give their best tips on how parents and their young adult children can work together to screen potential dates. They also advise those who don't have a parental figure but want the accountability.

Mind the Gap

Guests: Candice Watters

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He's 27 and is seriously considering dating an 18 year old. Is that OK? His friends and family say they wouldn't have any problems with it, but he wants some guidance. Candice weighs in.