Following Jesus: Episode 265

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Following Jesus: Episode 265

Feb 28, 2013
Guests: Galen Call, Nathan Hoobler, James Groesbeck, David Platt and Martha Krienke

[54:59] - 

What it means to be Jesus' disciple, plus David Platt on his new book 'Follow Me' and a question about how to break up well. Featured musical artist: Kyle Sherman


Walking by Faith

Guests: Galen Call, Nathan Hoobler and Martha Krienke

[19:24] - 

The life of a believer is not all sunshine and roses. Following Christ is a journey of twists and turns and waiting on God. Listen in as Nathan Hoobler, Galen Call, Lisa and I discuss our faith journeys and what it means to be Jesus' disciple.

Follow Me

Guests: David Platt

[27:35] - 

Pastor and author David Platt has a lot of challenging things to say to those who call themselves believers, which is why this is our third time having him on the podcast (see Episodes 213 and 124). This time we discuss his new book Follow Me: A Call to Live. A Call to Die. He'll challenge you to take the command to make disciples seriously keep it a priority in your life.

Breaking Up Well

Guests: James Groesbeck

[4:29] - 

How can a person end a relationship well? Focus counselor James Groesbeck answers this listener's question in the Inbox segment.