Help for Hurting Men: Episode 304

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Help for Hurting Men: Episode 304

Nov 27, 2013
Guests: Austin Davco, Sam Hoover, Travis Williams, Jeremy Woodard, Patrick Morley and George Stahnke

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How guys process and show emotion, plus Patrick Morley on the making of men, and does sexual sin require a relational waiting period?

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Big Boys Don’t Cry

Guests: Austin Davco, Sam Hoover, Travis Williams and Jeremy Woodard

[24:02] - 

Even though Hollywood extols the virtues of the “sensitive man,” when it comes to real life, guys are generally expected to tough it out. Emotions are downplayed, and failure, hardship and struggle are conversational taboos. But is that what God wants from men? Hardly. So how can a guy appropriately and genuinely express emotion in a “boys don’t cry” culture? Our panel of men talks it out for us.

Construction Zone

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Patrick Morley

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Patrick Morley says that God’s in the business of building men. In his book How God Makes Men, he puts up ten guys from the Bible as examples, and shows that far from being untouchable, each one of them struggled in the same ways today’s guys do. What’s his vision for today’s generation of God-built men? Listen in; it’s a big one.

Second Chances

Guests: George Stahnke

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If a guy’s fallen back into a struggle with porn and masturbation, should he wait a certain amount of time before pursuing a relationship? How will he know when he’s marriage-ready? Counselor George Stahnke shares some insight.