Looking Back: Episode 297

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Looking Back: Episode 297

Oct 10, 2013
Guests: Eddie Blalock, Bill Linton, Darcy Webb, Kevin DeYoung and Candice Watters

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Fortysomething singles look back on their 20s, plus Kevin DeYoung tells us to slow down, and a listener wants advice on dating a widower.

Featured musical artist: Jars of Clay

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What I Know Now

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Eddie Blalock, Bill Linton and Darcy Webb

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For those who are older and still single, it's sometimes hard to look both objectively at the past and hopefully toward the future. Yet this week's panel of 40-something singles has a lot to say to their peers and younger friends about trusting God, waiting for marriage, maximizing singleness, and giving grace when they need it most. Listen in for wisdom, encouragement and only a few "I told you sos."

Crazy Busy

Guests: Kevin DeYoung

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When asked how you're doing, do you ever answer, "I'm not busy at all!" We didn't think so. Most of us are running ragged with little margin, rest or rhythm. Getting to the important is nearly impossible when the urgent keeps knocking at our door. Pastor Kevin DeYoung sees this as a big problem, especially for Christians who are called to live life to the glory of God. In Crazy Busy, a book he claims to have written for himself, Kevin addresses the things that threaten to sap the strength out of us and what we can do to change them. More than this, though, he has us look at our hearts to examine why we're so busy in the first place.

Room in His Heart

Guests: Candice Watters

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She's being pursued by a great guy, but he's a widower. She's not sure what she thinks about that. Will she have to "compete" with his late wife? What if he's not over her yet? How can our listener know? What about her other fears regarding this potentially challenging relationship? Candice offers clarity.