Military Marriages: Episode 305

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Military Marriages: Episode 305

Dec 05, 2013
Guests: Becky Hill, Bill Spencer, Ruth Watson, Bethany Palmer, Scott Palmer and Candice Watters

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Thriving in a military marriage, plus The Money Couple with Christmas budgeting and shopping tips, and advice for dealing with rejection.

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Distance, Deployment and Disruption

Guests: Becky Hill, Bill Spencer and Ruth Watson

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Marriages have a lot of challenges today, but throw in a commitment to military service, and the uncertainties and stresses increase exponentially. Are military marriages destined for failure, or are there strategies for keeping them strong? A panel of active and retired military members and spouses shares advice and encouragement.

Christmas Spending and Saving

Guests: Bethany Palmer and Scott Palmer

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Christmas shopping (and the spending that goes with it) is a major stressor for many of us. What to buy, what to spend, how to give meaningful gifts without breaking the bank — each of these dilemmas threatens to take the sparkle out of the season. Fortunately there's The Money Couple with helpful tips for gift giving that will get you to January with a smile on your face. And did you know you should shop with someone's Money Personality in mind? We cover that, too, in this fun and practical segment.

Mean Girls

Guests: Candice Watters

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Our listener claims that the Christian girls in his acquaintance are both more stand-offish and harsher in their rejection than other girls he knows. What gives? Is he exaggerating, or could these girls use a lesson in kindness? Candice Watters shares some thoughts.