Picking a Solid Spouse: Episode 269

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Picking a Solid Spouse: Episode 269

Mar 28, 2013
Guests: Patrick Dunn, Chelsey Nugteren, Heather VanHorn, Dannah Gresh and Jared Pingleton

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Married couples share the critical qualities of a spouse, plus Dannah Gresh tells women to "get lost," and a young guy seeks balance as he prepares for marriage. Featured musical artist: Elevation Worship.


Know What to Look For

Guests: Patrick Dunn, Chelsey Nugteren and Heather VanHorn

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What qualities are most important to look for in a future spouse, and how can you spot them when you’re dating? This week, Lisa turns the roundtable over to four married folks who reflect on what character qualities came to the surface post-marriage, and how they saw hidden gems in their husbands and wives long before they were put to the test.

Get Lost

Guests: Dannah Gresh

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You’ve seen the bumper sticker: A girl needs to be so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find her. Author Dannah Gresh uses it as the premise of her new book Get Lost, where she argues that instead of being guy-crazy, we need to get God-crazy. She encourages women to take men off the table for a short season while they re-prioritize their relationship with Jesus. Then, with new eyes, they can look at relationships beyond themselves, see important qualities in the men they date, and move toward marriage in a healthy, God-centered way.

Nineteen and Waiting

Guests: Jared Pingleton

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He’s 19 and getting his life together, so marriage is most likely a few years away. But he still notices and thinks about girls — a lot. Is there something wrong with that? Should he avoid women until he’s in a position to marry? Counselor Jared Pingleton weighs in.