The Breadwinner: Episode 266

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The Breadwinner: Episode 266

Mar 07, 2013
Guests: Kevin Gosselin, Leon Wirth, Travis Williams, Gary Barkalow and James Groesbeck

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Preparing to provide for a family, plus how to discover your calling and a question about a freeloading roommate. Featured musical artist: Shane & Shane


Preparing to Provide for a Family

Guests: Leon Wirth, Travis Williams and Kevin Gosselin

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What constitutes being financially stable enough to get married? What kind of job really provides for a family? What exactly does "provide" mean? In this discussion, three husbands and fathers discuss how young men can prepare now to take on the role of provider for their future families.

How to Discover Your Calling

Guests: Gary Barkalow

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Gary Barkalow, author of It's Your Call, rejects the notion that "callings" are reserved only for those in church ministry. Drawing from over 20 years of personal and professional study, he encourages others to walk in God's process of revealing, restoring and releasing the "brilliance of your life." In this segment Gary describes how to find what you love and then do it.

My Boyfriend's Freeloading Roommate

Guests: James Groesbeck

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Her boyfriend's roommate is unemployed, collecting unemployment, not looking for a job and doesn't pay anything to expenses. He eats her boyfriend's food, drives his car, lives there rent free and doesn't show any gratitude. What's the Christian response? Counselor James Groesbeck shares some advice.