Thinking Outside the Box: Episode 301

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Thinking Outside the Box: Episode 301

Nov 07, 2013
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Andrew Hess, Sarah Mason, Geremy Keeton and Tyler Sexton

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Examining the “ask once” dating rule at church, plus Tyler Sexton overcomes the limitations of Cerebral Palsy, and a question about dating across party lines.

Featured musical artist: Holly Spears


One Shot

Guests: Andrew Hess, Erin Eberspacher and Sarah Mason

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He asks her out; she turns him down; he asks someone else out. And then someone else. He doesn’t like being turned down, nor does the-girl-down-the-line like being choice number three — or six. It can get awkward. Are there any rules around asking people out at church? Does a guy have only one shot before he’s labeled, and does a girl have to switch churches if her ex is now on the scene with his new girlfriend?

Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Define Me

Guests: Tyler Sexton

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Tyler Sexton was told he’d never walk. Or finish school. Or amount to much, basically. Born with Cerebral Palsy, he was given a grim prognosis for quality of life. But rather than taking his limitations as absolutes, Tyler learned to walk. And scuba dive. Oh, and he became a doctor. If you’ve been told that you won’t amount to much, this is the interview for you.

Political Pairings

Guests: Geremy Keeton

[4:43] - 

It’s obvious that as Christians we need to marry someone who shares our faith. But what about our political leanings? Where’s the distinction between moral issues and negotiable opinions? Is it really possible to build a life with someone who’s on the other side of the political divide? Counselor Geremy Keeton provides guidance.