What I Know at 83: Episode 279

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What I Know at 83: Episode 279

Jun 06, 2013
Guests: Kristina Arias, Austin Davco, Michael Hurka, Jerry Bridges, Mark Frederiksen and Stu Mendelsohn

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Putting our money under a microscope, plus Jerry Bridges’ advice for our generation, and a question about serving God as an attorney.

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Guests: Kristina Arias, Austin Davco and Michael Hurka

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Most of us have had financial struggles at one point. Whether school debt, consumer debt, bad habits, investment losses or flat-out being unemployed, managing money and its potential woes is no laughing matter. This week’s guests have all faced financial dilemmas. They share how they finally got out of the money pit and refused to let the green stuff control their lives.

The Gospel and Jerry Bridges

Guests: Jerry Bridges

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It’s tempting to think of Jerry Bridges as a precious older saint who’s served the kingdom and is now free to sit around sipping coffee and doing crossword puzzles in his advanced age. But that’s so wrong. For those who’ve read The Pursuit of Holiness, The Gospel for Real Life, Respectable Sins or any other of Jerry’s bestselling books, you know the now-83-year-old Jerry is anything but mild. And as a staff member of The Navigators for over 50 years (and counting), he knows some stuff about young adults. Here’s your chance to learn from one of Christianity’s great thinkers.

Jesus and the Law

Guests: Mark Frederiksen and Stu Mendelsohn

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How many lawyers does it take to answer an Inbox question? Our listener wants to know if it’s possible to glorify God as an attorney, especially in the tricky realm of family law, so we pull two of our favorite legal dudes to the table to weigh in.