Boundless Looks Back: Episode 356

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Boundless Looks Back: Episode 356

Nov 27, 2014
Guests: Martha Krienke, Sara Hagerty and Geremy Keeton

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The Boundless team reflects on 2014, plus Sara Hagerty reminds us how God brings sweetness from sorrow, and a listener needs advice on loving her gay sister.

Featured musical artist: Trip Lee

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A Year of Thanks

Guests: Martha Krienke

[20:12] - 

This year was a big one for Boundless. We gained a new team member, hosted our first-ever live weekend event, and launched a radio show. We also heard from a lot of our friends and fans. Listen in as we reflect on 2014 and look forward to the year ahead.

God's Presence in Pain

Guests: Sara Hagerty

[21:34] - 

When life delivers one disappointment after another, it's easy to lose sight of God's goodness in it all. But it's there, argues Sara Hagerty, author of Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet. Sara shares what she's learned through infertility, job loss, adoption and more.

Loving a Lesbian Sister

Guests: Geremy Keeton

[5:20] - 

She just discovered that her teenage sister is gay, and our listener is wondering how to respond, especially since she's not supposed to know. Should she open up the subject with her sister? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.