Bummer of a Birthmark: Episode 328

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Bummer of a Birthmark: Episode 328

May 15, 2014
Guests: Jake Roberson, Darren Terpstra, Karissa Woods, Nicole Whitacre and Glenn Lutjens

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Trusting God with what you can’t control, plus Nicole Whitacre gets beautiful, and our listener may need to let it go.

Featured musical artist: The Museum

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Champion Over the Unchangeable

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Jake Roberson, Darren Terpstra and Karissa Woods

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All of us are stuck with things we can't change. It may be the family we were born into, or an incurable health problem, or a broken relationship that has little chance of being healed. The good news is, our circumstances don't need to defeat us. With God's help, the difficult and unchangeable things in our lives will shape our character and even our stories. Listen in as our panel shares how this is possible.

Better Beauty

Guests: Nicole Whitacre

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What if someone told you that the antidote to our beauty-obsessed culture isn't to stop thinking about beauty, but to think about it even more? The difference is Whose beauty we dwell on. Whether you're a woman who struggles with self-acceptance or a man who worships the physically attractive, the answer lies in getting our eyes off ourselves and onto Christ, the Source of all things beautiful. Nicole Whitacre, author (with her mom, Carolyn Mahaney) of True Beauty, shows us how to do just that.

Don't Ask

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[5:55] - 

They had a first date, but now she wants to be "just friends." Should he ask for feedback and clarification of her thoughts and feelings? Counselor Glenn Lutjens offers advice.