Culture Club: Episode 345

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Culture Club: Episode 345

Sep 11, 2014
Guests: Anthony Ashley, Jeremy Grant, Chris Hooper, Martha Krienke, Andy Crouch and Christina Browning

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Shining Christ in an ever-changing culture, plus Andy Crouch on a biblical use of power, and a listener needs help in getting over a crush.

Featured musical artist: Thousand Foot Krutch

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Salty Saints

Guests: Anthony Ashley, Jeremy Grant, Chris Hooper and Martha Krienke

[21:47] - 

There's a lot going on in our culture. Is there a place there for Christians? If so, what is it? How do we affect culture without warring against it or getting seduced by it? We've assembled a panel of influencers who have successfully infiltrated the culture and are making a difference.

Power Trip

Guests: Andy Crouch

[18:07] - 

Much of humanity is in search of power. Some power. More power. In the right hands, power makes positive change. But abused, it is idolatrous and crippling. How should Christians handle power? Should we seek it? Avoid it? Andy Crouch thinks about all these things in Playing God, and joins Martha and Anthony for a conversation about how and why power comes into play in today's world.

Crush Recovery

Guests: Christina Browning

[4:46] - 

We've all been there. We like someone who doesn't like us back, but we just can't stop hoping. In our listener's case, the guy even moved away, but still, getting over him is hard. What to do? Counselor Christina Browning weighs in.