Fitting in at Church: Episode 355

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Fitting in at Church: Episode 355

Nov 20, 2014
Guests: Julianna Buller, Mike Halsmith, Karissa Woods, Barry Danylak and Danny Huerta

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The joys and frustrations of church life, plus Barry Danylak shares a biblical view of singleness, and a listener’s parents think he’s too young to get hitched.

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One Big Happy Family

Guests: Julianna Buller, Mike Halsmith and Karissa Woods

[18:39] - 

Are you glad, as the song says, to be "part of the family of God"? Being in community with other Christians is a good thing, but is not without its share of frustrations. And the pros and cons aren't unique to singles. Listen in as our panel shares the joys and struggles of church life that are present whether you're single, married without kids, or married with kids.

Singleness and the Bible

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Barry Danylak

[18:54] - 

The Bible has a special word on singleness. So says biblical scholar Barry Danylak. In his book Redeeming Singleness, he shares specific words on singleness from the Old and New Testaments, plus Jesus' attitude toward singles, what the "gift of singleness" actually means, and much more.

Too Young to Marry?

Guests: Danny Huerta

[5:41] - 

Our listener is ready to consider marriage, but his parents think he's too young. Is he? How can he know? And how can he respect his parents while still making his own decisions on this front? Counselor Danny Huerta offers advice.