Get Uncomfortable: Episode 349

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Get Uncomfortable: Episode 349

Oct 09, 2014
Guests: Hannah Reno, Micah Sage, Brandon Wilson, Glenn Stanton and Candice Watters

[48:08] - 

Venturing beyond our comfort zones, plus Glenn Stanton on loving our gay and lesbian friends, and a question on asking a guy out for a special occasion.

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Out of Your Comfort Zone

Guests: Hannah Reno, Micah Sage and Brandon Wilson

[20:03] - 

We like what we're used to and what comes easily for us; that's a fact. Whether in friendship, hobbies, personality types, worship styles — like attracts like. But could your desire for comfort have you stuck in a rut? When was the last time you really stretched yourself to get out of a routine and try something new? When did you reach out to embrace someone different than yourself? Our panel of comfort-loving people shares their dreams of stepping just a little closer to the edge.

Loving My LGBT Neighbor

Guests: Glenn Stanton

[20:23] - 

We're called to love our neighbor, but does that really include people with significant ideological differences from us? What if they're homosexual? Glenn Stanton shares ideas from his own friendships with members of the gay community as well as insights from his new book Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor to show that a balance of grace and truth, covered in a heaping dose of kindness, is the best way to love others and show Jesus to those with whom we disagree.

Sadie Hawkins Setup

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:09] - 

She's not a big fan of asking guys out, but what if it's for a special occasion? What if it's just once in a while? Is she keeping it casual, or caving on her principles? Candice Watters weighs in.

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