Help and Hope: Episode 344

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Help and Hope: Episode 344

Sep 04, 2014
Guests: Jason Clark, Adam Holz, Karen Reedall, Ray Johnston and Jared Pingleton

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What it’s like to be married and in ministry, plus Ray Johnston tests our "hope quotient," and what’s the scoop on Focus on the Family’s counseling services?

Featured musical artist: Lincoln Brewster

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Marriage and Ministry

Guests: Jason Clark, Adam Holz and Karen Reedall

[22:54] - 

We've already addressed the impact of military service and the medical field on marriage. This week we tackle the same for those in full-time ministry. Whether a pastor, missionary or parachurch ministry worker, what are the implications of life and work where the Gospel is your business? Our panel weighs in.

What's Your HQ?

Guests: Ray Johnston

[23:03] - 

There's IQ, EQ and the accompanying assessments to respectively determine yours. We now introduce the HQ (Hope Quotient), which pastor Ray Johnston, author of The Hope Quotient, thinks is the most important one of all. Are some people more hopeful than others? How can being hopeful help in facing daily challenges? Can you increase hope in your own life? Lisa asks these questions and more.

Calling Our Counselors

Guests: Jared Pingleton

[5:52] - 

We regularly feature our Focus on the Family counselors in the Inbox segment of The Boundless Show. You may have heard that our counseling department is available for consultations, resources and referrals. How does that process work? Dr. Jared Pingleton from our counseling team explains.

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