I Did It!: Episode 350

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I Did It!: Episode 350

Oct 16, 2014
Guests: Ashley Bazer, Dave Corsten, Joel Malm and Karl Benzio, M.D.

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Big goals and those who’ve reached them, plus Joël Malm helps us realize our dream, and a listener wants help in standing up for herself.

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Goal Keepers

Guests: Ashley Bazer and Dave Corsten

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Have you ever been overwhelmed by a big goal? Ever pushed it aside because you figured there's no way you'll accomplish it? We've all been there. But for those who have dreams that they just can't shake, it's time to get some inspiration from people who've reached the finish line. Each of our panelists has taken a dream and seen it through to completion. Want to start a business? Get out of debt? Write a book? Run a marathon or more? Get that "push" (and a few pointers) to take your first step.

Laser Vision

Guests: Joel Malm

[22:03] - 

Vision for something big is only vision if you don't have a plan for seeing it through. Joël Malm, founder of Summit Leaders, had a big dream to start an adventure company with a spiritual focus. But could he make it happen? Not until he developed a Vision Map and started making it happen. Success, says Joël, isn't in big leaps, but small steps. Need a plan for getting your dream off paper and into the real world? This may be it.

Don't Be a Pushover

Guests: Karl Benzio, M.D.

[5:12] - 

She's a good listener, but sometimes sees her natural compassion become the doorstep to being manipulated. How can she care about and help others without becoming a pushover? Psychiatrist Karl Benzio offers advice.

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