Man-Sized Challenges: Episode 310

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Man-Sized Challenges: Episode 310

Jan 09, 2014
Guests: Dan Dumas, Mike Halsmith, Andrew Hess, Steve Watters, Dennis Rainey and Roberta Perno

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The benefits of men taking on big things, plus Dennis Rainey sets expectations for male and female behavior, and a guy wants to take a friendship to the next level.

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Setting Stretch Goals

Guests: Dan Dumas, Mike Halsmith, Andrew Hess and Steve Watters

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Everyone knows that guys like to be challenged. But what kind of challenges are beneficial, and are there different challenges for different men? Our all-male panel, led by Boundless favorite Steve Watters, talks about how taking on big things now prepares you to handle the bigger things to come.

Dennis Rainey on Dating

Guests: Dennis Rainey

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Dennis Rainey knows a bit about relationships. As president of FamilyLife and host of the nationally syndicated FamilyLife Today radio program, Dennis has been an expert voice on marriage and family dynamics for decades. And as the father of six adult children, he’s helped them navigate the sometimes rocky roads of dating and engagement. Two things he dislikes: aggressive girls and clueless guys. Listen in to find out why.

More Than Friends

Guests: Roberta Perno

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They’ve been friends for years, but now he wants something more. How can he tell her he has feelings for her without risking their friendship? Counselor Roberta Perno offers advice.