Men Dating Well: Episode 358

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Men Dating Well: Episode 358

Dec 11, 2014
Guests: Andrew Hess, Rajeev Shaw, Brandon Wilson, Jonathan Edwards and Candice Watters

[48:39] - 

How men can maximize dating, plus Jonathan Edwards on the effects of parental abandonment, and a listener wants to marry sooner than her boyfriend does. 

Featured musical artist: Kim Walker-Smith

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A Guy's Guide to Joyful Dating

Guests: Andrew Hess, Rajeev Shaw and Brandon Wilson

[18:41] - 

There's a lot of pressure on guys during the dating process. Is it possible for dating to be rewarding for them as well? It is if they approach their pursuit with flexibility, direction and a sense of fun. Our all-male panel shares thoughts on making it happen.

When a Parent Leaves

Guests: Jonathan Edwards

[20:27] - 

Jonathan Edwards' dad abandoned his family. Twice. Not until years later did Jonathan process the ways it affected his masculinity, relationships, faith, sense of security and more. Author of the book Left, Jonathan talks candidly about how to grieve and grow in the wake of parental abandonment —regardless of when it happened.

Timeline Tension

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:57] - 

They both have marriage on their minds, but her timeline for making it happen is considerably shorter. Is there a way to reach common ground? Candice Watters offers advice.