Risky Behavior: Episode 311

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Risky Behavior: Episode 311

Jan 16, 2014
Guests: Martha Krienke, Abby Hope, Briana Stensrud, Owen Strachan and Glenn Lutjens

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Exploring the unique relationship between dads and daughters, plus Owen Strachan gets risky with God, and when is it OK to date after a divorce?

Featured musical artist: Seth & Nirva


Daddy's Girls

Guests: Martha Krienke, Abby Hope and Briana Stensrud

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Are you a daddy’s girl? Or maybe you have “daddy envy,” that feeling of resentment that your dad wasn’t overly involved in your life, or he wasn’t demonstrative in his love, or he wasn’t there, period. A girl’s relationship with her dad influences who she ultimately becomes, so this week’s panel of women talks about the blessings, frustrations, fights and life lessons that only a relationship with our fathers can provide.

Ditch the Gospel Snuggie

Guests: Owen Strachan

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Is your faith worn out? Do you wonder if God really is all the Bible says He is? Do you wish you could trust Jesus with all your hopes and fears? Maybe it’s time to ditch the #GospelSnuggie (listen to the segment to understand!) and get a riskier faith. Owen Strachan says that living out of a Risky Gospel is to trust a perfectly sovereign and good God, then boldly jump into a life that leans into Him. This is a faith-turned-action that touches every area of our lives: our worldview, our relationships, our jobs, our witness and more. Find out why living riskily is the only way to truly live.

Dating After Divorce

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

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If you’re divorced, when is it OK to try to love again? How can you know you’ve had enough time to heal? How can you be sure you know what to look for this time around? Glenn Lutjens has insight and compassion for those walking this road.