Stops, Starts and Redirects: Episode 340

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Stops, Starts and Redirects: Episode 340

Aug 07, 2014
Guests: Austin Davco, Macy Davco, Jackson Dunn, Hafeez Baoku and Diane Mhoon

[54:36] - 

When a parent remarries, plus Hafeez Baoku on God’s view of sex and singleness, and a listener’s boyfriend wants to give their relationship a break.

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Dad's Getting Married

Guests: Austin Davco, Macy Davco and Jackson Dunn

[23:19] - 

It can take you by surprise, and the adjustment is often a tough one. But more and more parents of young adults are getting remarried these days. What are the challenges inherent in watching a parent go through divorce and remarriage? How does relating to a stepparent happen successfully? What if your mom or dad are (gulp!) dating at the same time you are? This week's panel dives into the deep waters of parents in the dating and remarriage pool.

Sex Overhaul

Guests: Hafeez Baoku

[24:32] - 

Hafeez Baoku became a Christian four years ago, and when he did, he learned that God wanted to redirect his views on sex. But with a script that up until that point had consisted of using women and ignoring God, was there hope for change? Hafeez, the author of Sex, God and the Single Life, soon found that while viewing sexuality God's way isn't always the easiest, it's by far the most rewarding.

He Wants a Break

Guests: Diane Mhoon

[4:03] - 

Her boyfriend wants a break from their relationship, saying he needs to figure things out in life. But she can't help thinking this is more about her than him. Should she stay on hold for him, or is a breakup the order of the day? Counselor Diane Mhoon offers advice.