Take Me to Your Leader: Episode 333

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Take Me to Your Leader: Episode 333

Jun 19, 2014
Guests: Nikki Bertolino, Jenny Goff, Tim Irwin, Glenn Lutjens and Jordon Palumbo

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Lessons in leadership from those just starting out, plus Dr. Tim Irwin talks leadership impact, and a listener’s mom is telling him to call it quits.

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Learning to Lead

Guests: Nikki Bertolino, Jenny Goff and Jordon Palumbo

[18:10] - 

You may have a big title and manage a bunch of people, or you may be responsible for just yourself. Leadership comes in many forms, so what does it look like for those who are just starting out on their journey into adulthood? A panel from our Focus Leadership Institute (featuring our wonderful interns Nikki and Jenny) shares what inspires them to lead, both now and in the future.

Make Your Mark

Guests: Tim Irwin

[20:39] - 

Not all leaders are good leaders. The truly successful ones have not only authority, but influence. Dr. Tim Irwin helps leaders affect change in themselves and the people they're called to lead. He shows them how to make more than just decisions; he shows them how to make an Impact. Listen in as he shares some of his wisdom.

Mother Knows Best?

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[5:16] - 

He really likes his girlfriend, but his mom has a different opinion. In fact, she says she has a "feeling from the Holy Spirit" that the relationship's not to be. Should our listener take his mom's prompting seriously, or is there another solution? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.