Those Three Words: Episode 347

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Those Three Words: Episode 347

Sep 25, 2014
Guests: Julianna Buller, Erin Eberspacher, Scott Stanley and Geremy Keeton

[51:00] - 

When to say “I love you,” plus Dr. Scott Stanley on sliding into marriage, and a listener asks if, as a virgin, he should marry someone with a sexual past.

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When to Say "I Love You"

Guests: Julianna Buller and Erin Eberspacher

[20:00] - 

Those three words. I. Love. You. They're so small, but they mean so much. Should they be uttered in a dating relationship? If so, when? And how? Our panel deliberates and debates the timing and tension of expressing love.

Accidental Marriage

Guests: Scott Stanley

[22:02] - 

Some couples plan and prepare for marriage. Others slide into it. The latter isn't a good move, argues marriage research expert Scott Stanley. But the "sliding vs. deciding" phenomenon is becoming more prevalent these days, and cohabitation and general dating ambiguity is making it possible. Scott, co-author of A Lasting Promise, joins Lisa for a breakdown of the cultural cues.

Her Sexual Past

Guests: Geremy Keeton

[6:18] - 

He's a virgin and is concerned about his girlfriend's sexual history with past boyfriends. Does this make the two of them sexually incompatible? Spiritually incompatible? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.



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