Waiting for Jesus: Episode 354

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Waiting for Jesus: Episode 354

Nov 13, 2014
Guests: Andrew Hess, Allison Meggers, Jenny Wollen, Louie Giglio and Candice Watters

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How and why dating is ambiguous, plus pastor Louie Giglio illustrates the wonder of Advent, and a listener asks how much she must like a guy before dating him.

Featured musical artist: Lindsay McCaul

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Ambiguity in Relationships

Guests: Andrew Hess, Allison Meggers and Jenny Wollen

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When our parents and grandparents dated, things were assumed. A date was a date, a relationship was a relationship, "going steady" was the norm, and the path to marriage was predictable. Not so in our generation. Today, the dating waters are muddier than ever. A universal definition of dating can no longer be assumed. Why the ambiguity? Is this necessary in light of today's relationship red flags, or could we take a cue from previous generations? Our panel discusses.

The Anticipation of Advent

Guests: Louie Giglio

[23:06] - 

Pastor, author and mega-influencer Louie Giglio has a lot going on. As a pastor, Christmas can especially overwhelm him and eat away at his time, attention and sanity. Which is why he's passionate about Advent. Listen in as he shares principles from his book Waiting Here for You, a celebration of the anticipation of Christ and all it entails. Then, hear about his priorities for 2015.

I'm Not Convinced

Guests: Candice Watters

[4:58] - 

Do you have to be 100 percent convinced you're into a guy before you go out with him? Our listener wants to know, and as always, Candice Watters has an opinion.