What's Eating You?: Episode 318

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What's Eating You?: Episode 318

Mar 06, 2014
Guests: Erin Blad, Diane Ingolia, Briana Stensrud, Priscilla Shirer and Glenn Lutjens

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When eating disorders rule your life, plus Priscilla Shirer unpacks the unlimited ability of God, and a listener wants guidance in dating a former drug addict.

Featured musical artist: Embers in Ashes


Food Is My Enemy

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Erin Blad, Diane Ingolia and Briana Stensrud

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In a culture obsessed with fitness, thinness and beauty, the messages around "acceptable" standards of how we look are absorbed at an early age. For some, keeping up with these standards translates into unhealthy, unwise, and even dangerous patterns of behavior, everything from eating disorders to an obsession with exercise and more. Where do these skewed perspectives get their start, and how can we go about identifying them in ourselves? More importantly, how do we adopt a truly God-centered view of health and attractiveness? Our panel offers perspective.

Beyond What We Ask

Guests: Priscilla Shirer

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You know when you find that passage of Scripture that seems so packed with truth, it's almost impossible to grasp it all? Ephesians 3:20-21 is that passage for author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer. In her book God Is Able, Priscilla illustrates how we can believe God when He says that He truly is willing and capable of doing big things in our lives if only we'd let Him. She gives us a preview here.

Drugs in His Past

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

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Her boyfriend's a former drug addict but is now a believer who's on the right track physically and spiritually. That said, if they move toward marriage, should she have any concerns about his past? What does she need to know? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.