Are You Overrated?: Episode 381

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Are You Overrated?: Episode 381

May 21, 2015
Guests: Ann Miller, Tiffany Thompson, Nick White and Eugene Cho

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Using your social media skills for good, plus Eugene Cho on putting your money where your mouth is, and is it possible to get someone’s attention on Twitter?

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Become a Digital Missionary

Guests: Ann Miller, Tiffany Thompson and Nick White

[19:15] - 

You love Jesus and social media. It's time to put that power to work! Focus on the Family wants you to become one of our "digital missionaries," weighing in on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms and other online platforms on behalf of Focus on the Family. Our Focus team joins me in this discussion to share what it's like to offer a word of encouragement, a prayer, or a trusted resource or referral for a person's relationship or spiritual or emotional need.

One Day's Wages

Guests: Eugene Cho

[21:09] - 

Pastor Eugene Cho knew about poverty, but he came face-to-face with it on a trip to Myanmar. That trip launched One Day's Wages and a challenge Eugene's family took to give not a day's, but a year's salary to help those in need. In the process, he realized his own addiction to comfort and pseudo-action when it came to social justice. The author of Overrated and a keynoter for Pursuit 2015, Eugene steps into the conversation here to talk about sacrifice in light of our first world dreams.



[3:40] - 

There's a guy she's interested in, but she only knows him through Twitter. Is there a natural and appropriate way to use social media to get someone's attention? Should this listener even try?