Celebrating Singles: Episode 399

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Celebrating Singles: Episode 399

Sep 24, 2015
Guests: Eric Demeter, Robb Erickson, Daniel Darling and John Thorington

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What’s great about being single, plus Daniel Darling points us to the real Jesus, and is it possible for our listener to be less awkward around women?

Featured musical artist: Jared Anderson

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It's National Singles Week!

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Eric Demeter and Robb Erickson

[19:59] - 

Yes, there's a National Singles Week, and we're in it. Celebrate! Even though being single can be hard for those who'd like to be married, there are unique opportunities and blessings that come with living out a season of singleness. Our roundtable takes the time to reflect on some of them.

Who's Your Jesus?

Guests: Daniel Darling

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Many people try to make Jesus in their own image. Whether we think He's a buddy, a poster boy for a pet cause, a guru, genie or something else, there are many cultural "Jesuses" to choose from. But for the Christian, there is one Jesus, and He's the Jesus of the Bible. Who is this Jesus, and why do we so often settle for our culture's counterfeits? Daniel Darling, author of The Original Jesus, gives us a clear picture of the real Jesus in this helpful conversation.



Erasing Awkwardness

Guests: John Thorington

[5:15] - 

He's awkward around women his age, and he knows it. He's tried counseling, but is there hope for him that will translate into effective change? What else should he know or apply? Dr. John Thorington weighs in.