Choosy or Cheap?: Episode 395

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Choosy or Cheap?: Episode 395

Aug 27, 2015
Guests: Evan Reedall, Brandon Wilson, Julianna Wiskow, Jared Brock and Adam Holz

[47:40] - 

Being financially responsible without being cheap, plus Jared Brock on his year of prayerful living, and should a Christian watch serial killer TV shows?

Featured musical artist: Aaron Strumpel

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Having Fun Without Going Broke

Guests: Evan Reedall, Brandon Wilson and Julianna Wiskow

[21:10] - 

Being financially wise — even frugal — is one thing; being cheap is another. If you want to watch your budget but don't want to be a social (or dating) killjoy, what options do you have? How can you pinch pennies while still having fun once in a while? Our panel has put some ideas into practice, and shares them in this discussion.

Prayer Pilgrimage

Guests: Jared Brock

[19:18] - 

Jared Brock needed to pump up his prayer life. So of course he did what all of us would do: he quit his job and embarked on a year-long journey around the world. OK, that's not an option for most of us. But we can learn from the experiences chronicled in his book, A Year of Living Prayerfully. Everything from hanging with monks to walking across coals to sitting down with the Pope (for real), Jared studied the practice of prayer and how to apply it to his own life. It all makes for a fascinating story.

Serial Killers on TV

Guests: Adam Holz

[5:04] - 

She likes mysteries, thrillers and stories about serial killers. But could taking in such entertainment be detrimental to her spiritually? How can she know? Plugged In's Adam Holz shares some wisdom.