Date My Parents: Episode 398

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Date My Parents: Episode 398

Sep 17, 2015
Guests: Leta Sue Bone, Roger Ingolia, Rajeev Shaw, Melanie Shankle and Candice Watters

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Parental involvement in the dating process, plus a celebration of the benefits of friendship, and is it OK to date multiple people at once?

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Mom, Dad, and My Love Life

Guests: Leta Sue Bone, Roger Ingolia and Rajeev Shaw

[22:20] - 

In past generations, young adults needed their parents' permission to date. Today, those rules rarely apply. But should parents be shut out of your love life completely? If you include them, what role should they play? What if they're not believers or aren't relationship-savvy? Our panel weighs in on the dos and don'ts of parents in the dating process.

True Friendship

Guests: Melanie Shankle

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Melanie Shankle has a best friend, and it's not her husband. Melanie and her friend Gulley have walked through most of life together — the ups, downs and in-betweens. In fact, Melanie places such a high value on friendship, she wrote her latest book Nobody's Cuter Than You to make her case for tight and true friendship bonds. What does it take to find a friend? Be a friend? Stay friends through thick and thin? Melanie breaks it down in this insightful interview.

Keeping Your Options Open

Guests: Candice Watters

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Is it possible to date two people (or more) at once? If so, for how long? And do you need to let each party know that they're not the only one? When it comes time to choose, how do you make the choice? Candice Watters offers advice.