Dating Sense and Sensibility: Episode 396

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Dating Sense and Sensibility: Episode 396

Sep 03, 2015
Guests: Treshia Kuiper, Sarah Mason, Jeremy Woodard and Andre Adefope

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Staying accountable for dating purity, plus André Adefope on what godly dating looks like, and a question about “putting yourself out there.”

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Apartment Accountability

Guests: Treshia Kuiper, Sarah Mason and Jeremy Woodard

[21:07] - 

You're dating — maybe exclusively, maybe even heading toward engagement. Naturally, you want to spend time together. But should that time be spent alone? Is it appropriate, for example, to hang out alone at each other's apartments? What are some pitfalls to avoid and helpful tips to keep in mind? Our panel weighs in.

Profile of a Godly Dater

Guests: Andre Adefope

[20:03] - 

Single? Check. Christian? Check. Loves kids? Check. This person seems to have it all; but are they the right one for you? André Adefope, co-author of The Dating Dilemma, goes past attraction, lust and compatibility to break down the essentials of both becoming and finding a good, healthy, godly mate.

Should I Put Myself Out There?


[5:04] - 

She's almost 30, and her pool of potential mates seems to be dwindling. Besides church and her circle of friends, she doesn't know where to look. Should she put herself out there more? Is she doing something wrong? How can she up her chances of finding quality Christian men? Lisa Anderson offers advice.