Friends, Far and Near: Episode 365

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Friends, Far and Near: Episode 365

Jan 29, 2015
Guests: Robb Erickson, Susie Oppelt, Jeff Manion and Deanna McClannahan

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The seasons of friendship, plus Jeff Manion helps us trust God with the unknown, and a listener wrestles with news of her friend’s lesbianism.

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Friends in Transition

Guests: Robb Erickson and Susie Oppelt

[20:37] - 

True friendship is priceless, but it's also a risky investment. Friends move away, get married, and change priorities. Many friendships get relegated to the confines of social media, while others drift away altogether. How can we make and keep friends in a world that's riddled with transition and seems to encourage being a mile wide and inch deep? Our panel explores this timely topic.

Where's God While I Wait?

Guests: Jeff Manion

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It's pretty obvious that God does things on His timeline, not ours. But how do we hang on when our story seems punctuated by hardship, deserts and disappointment? Jeff Manion, pastor and author of The Land Between, says that our best bet is to hang on to God and trust Him to get us through our wilderness. He gives both biblical and modern examples to illustrate his convictions, so if you're wandering or stuck right now, turn up this interview.

My Friend Is Gay

Guests: Deanna McClannahan

[4:12] - 

Her friend just revealed that she's a lesbian, and now our listener is wondering if their relationship is a bit too close in light of this disclosure. Should she pull away? Define more boundaries? Have a frank conversation with her friend? Counselor Deanna McClannahan offers advice.